Ramadan 2016/1437

Cann Hall Deen & Education Trust would like to welcome in Ramadan 2016/1437AH.  We pray this Ramadan is a means of everyone becoming closer to Allah inshaAllah.

You can download a copy of the Ramadan Timetable via this link.


We offer Iftar (breaking of the fast) every evening at Cann Hall Masjid – but it can get very busy. We welcome donations and sponsors, just call 020 8555 0963 to say you’d like to help.


Every night we have up to 1,000 people filling the Masjid – the optional special prayers in Ramadan when night falls. For the first few days we often run out of space, so please come early.

Eid prayers

We will be holding Eid prayer at 8.00am inshaAllah.

Zakatul Fitr

Originally this was the giving of a certain amount of food to the needy, but nowadays most people give money to pay for the food. This has been set at £5, and should be paid for each and every member of the family, including children.

Zakatul Fitr can be paid from the beginning of Ramadan; we advise people to do so as early as possible, to make it easier to reach the needy recipients in time.

The latest it can be given is just before the Eid prayer, but delaying it this long means there’s no time to get food to the needy for Eid day. Remember, in the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), people gave food directly to the needy, so there was no delay.

Cann Hall Masjid will collect your Zakatul Fitr, or you can use one of the many registered Muslim charities.

Noise Reduction During Ramadan

In this blessed month, we politely remind our congregation and worshippers that we become extra mindful of our neighbours who live in the residential areas nearby. We should keep our noise levels absolutely to a minimum.