Journeying to Allah in an age of Distraction


Cann Hall Masjid has organised a Dars for sisters only.  This Friday, straight after Jummah. Please spread the news. It will be a very beneficial class for our sisters, InshaAllah.




Bio of Ustadha Uzma Jung (wife of Shaykh Abu Aaliyah)

Uzma Jung has been involved in teaching Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike since the late 1980′s. Currently she is a teacher with the Jawziyyah
Institute based in London.  She has studied the traditional sciences of Islam, in particular tajwid, Shafi’i fiqh, Islamic spirituality and sirah with scholars and teachers here and abroad.  She was a scout leader with the National Scouts Association for almost 5 years as well as an archery instructor. She has also served as a school governor at her local high school.
She home schooled her 3 children during their primary school years and helped set up home schooling initiatives.
She lives with her husband and 3 children in East London (UK).