No congregational prayers INCLUDING JUMU’AH

In conclusion to the meeting regarding masjid arrangements from Thursday, the decision has been made to keep the masjid open for individual worship.

The emphasis will be on performing Fard salah at home with the family in jama’ah. The masjid will open for individual worship such as recitation of Quran, performing  Nafl salaah etc.

Volunteers on duty must strictly implement the following rules, which are in line with government guidelines.

1. Strictly no congregational prayers INCLUDING JUMU’AH until the end of lockdown.
2. Maintain social distancing and use your own mat.
3. Face mask worn at all times and register before entering.
4. Follow volunteer instructions.
5. No gatherings.

If we see that the above rules are being broken, we may have to consider closing the masjid until the end of lockdown.

Masjid will be open for two slots in the day.

– 1pm to 2pm
– 5pm to 7pm

JazaakAllah khayran

Cann Hall Deen and Education Trust