Pre Ramadan Workshops

Cann Hall Deen & Education Trust have organised pre-Ramadan workshops taking place on the April holidays. These workshops will help you revise and improve your daily ritual practices (e.g. wudhu & Salah, supplications) whilst also preparing yourselves for the month of Ramadan.

Workshops will take place both onsite & online— although onsite attendance will be better due to practical nature of some content.

Dates of workshops are below:

6th April

2pm— cleanliness & purification workshop (seperate workshop for brothers & sisters)

3.30pm— Perfect Wudhu demonstration

7th April

2pm— Salah workshop (seperate workshop for brothers and sisters)

8th April

2pm— Rules of Ramadan (Fiqh of fasting)

To Register please use the link below:

Pre Ramadan Workshop Registration

For more information please email

Or WhatsApp : 07460700308

Jazākumullahu Khayran