Ramadan Timetable and Taraweeh Times

Ramadan Timetable

Download Ramadan Timetable 2021
Ramadan Timetable 2021

According to our timetable (download here), the first day of fasting this year is expected to be Tuesday 13 April 2021. But there’s always a disclaimer to say the beginning and end of Ramadan are subject to the sighting of the new moon. During Ramadan, we will be holding free classes every week.

Esha and Taraweeh

Esha and taraweeh will be 9.30pm.
Only registered musallis will be allowed to pray in the masjid as we have very very limited capacity.
You must show your card before entering the masjid. 


Due to ongoing restrictions for COVID-19 pandemic, our mosque will not be open for Iftaar.
Please have your Iftar at home. Masjid will open 5 mins before Maghrib and close 15 mins after salah.
Then we will open the masjid 15 mins before esha jamat.

Eid salaah

Following are the times of Eid Salaah Jamat. More information would be provided during Ramadan on the venue.