Registration and Requirements for Taraweeh at Cann Hall Masjid

Assalamu ‘Alaikum!

The blessed and most virtuous month of the year is upon us again. Last year we were unable to hold Taraweeh due to Covid. However, we are pleased to announce that there will be Taraweeh at the Masjid this Ramadan but with limited capacity and restrictions.

For your safety and wellbeing, there are a number of Covid measures in place. We will be allocating prayer space via Registration which is required for the purpose of Track and Trace. Musallis will be allocated an electronic access card (used like an Oyster card) following the registration process.

There is only one registration per person!!

So please register for every individual family member.

Registration link:

The access card is issued with the following terms of agreement and on acceptance of your registration form you are in effect subject to the conditions set out below:

1. You agree to pay the cost of £6.00 for your access card.

2. Each member of a family needs their own Card

3. You must tap the card upon entering and exiting the building.

4. Your access card is allocated to you and MUST NOT BE SHARED with anybody else.

5. Loss of access card must be reported immediately so the card can be cancelled.

6. Lost or damaged cards can be replaced at a cost of £26.00

7. You are required to wear a face mask while inside the Masjid – If exempt, you will need to get in contact before completing the registration form.

8. You are required to sanitise your hands upon entry—sanitising stations are available at the Masjid entrances

9. You are required to bring with you a bag to carry your shoes as the shoe racks are unavailable

10. You are required to bring your own prayer mats

11. If you or members of your household have Covid symptoms please pray at home and do not come to the Masjid

12. neglecting any of these conditions will lead to the suspension of your registration and the Masjid staff reserve the right to deny entry, request your leave and/or cancel your access card

The above measures are for your safety and wellbeing, please be mindful of the situation we are faced with and help us prevent the spread of Covid. May Allah accept your efforts and keep us safe. Have a blessed Ramadan!