Sisters Summer Classes

These are the sisters activities taking place over summer:

Ustadha Nazia Khatun completed the Alimiyyah programme at Ebrahim College, wherein she studied for six years, and excelled in tajweed. During this time, she also began studying intensively with the distinguished Qari Bashir from Madinah al- Munawwara, completing the Qur’an with him, and attaining ijazah, in the riwayah of Hafs, Shu’bah and Qaloon. She is currently studying the riwayah of Warsh under Qari Saheb. Ustadha Nazia has also been teaching adults the Qur’an for a number of years now, at various institutions such as Ebrahim College and al-Rawdah in east London. She also remains committed to furthering her own studies of the deen.


Tajweed course for women who have covered the basics and would like to continue to improve their letters and fluency. Sign up fast before spaces run out by emailing Shahanaz@cannhall.org


An advanced tajweed course for women who are already familiar with the rules of tajweed and are moderately fluent in their reading. Limited spaces so please sign up quickly by emailing Shahanaz@cannhall.org