We have been running the WAQF365 initiative every Ramadhan to try free the Masjid of its debts.

WAQF is an Islamic endowment used for the continuous development of the Muslim community.

WAQF365 initiative was created to give our community the chance to invest in the long term sustainability of Cann Hall Deen & Education Trust.

WAQF365 consists of 2000 shares. Each donor will receive a certificate for 1/2000th share of the property value of 145 Cann Hall Road at a cost of £365, the share is then donated to Cann Hall Deen & Education Trust as an endowment.

WAQF365 2017 In 2017 we have 74 donations, our target for this year is 100

 – WAQF365  is a great opportunity to invest in a share of the Masjid and increase your Sadaqah Jariyah.

Ways to donate: 

1. For cash or card payment please call 020 8555 0963 or 07984 602 475
Or, speak to a Masjid member of staff

2. By Bank transfer: S/C: 601312 A/C: 42616964 Ref: WAQF365

3. By Cheque: Payable to Cann Hall Deen and Education cheques can be dropped off to Masjid.

4. Justgiving :  www.cannhall.org/waqf365 

Please call or text to provide the name that should appear on the WAQF365 certificate. Jazak’Allah khairan for your continued support.